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WonderMonkey® was originally created in 2005 in New England by three friends from Freiburg (Germany), Boston and Providence (both USA). The brand itself has now been moved to Germany. 
The idea behind WonderMonkey has been and will always be to bring out the positive in human beings. Having lived already in five countries and travelled globally means that I and my family already have been exposed to many different cultures. As such I think it is fair to say that I truly get the notion of ‘equality’. And it is exactly this notion that helps you to look at things positive in a sense that there is always a worst situation. So why not just move on and make the best of any situation?
Together with my beloved family, we aim to symbolize exactly this thinking in the WonderMonkey idea and every piece of product that we craft, should do exactly that.


Our WonderMonkey Ambassadors!

"Our talented Polyglot from Germany"
Beate Prüß
"Huge fan of music festivals and organizer of the Hoornse Stadsfeesten in The Netherlands"
Theo Viset
"Our adventurous lady from Singapore"
Calisa Chong

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